TLC Animal Hospital is pleased to be able to provide excellent routine dental care. Our veterinary technicians are strong advocates of the benefits of routine health care and enjoy educating clients regarding this very important topic.

Digital Radiography

This technology allows us to acquire images of your pet that far surpass traditional film systems in quality. Additionally, the technology allows us to manipulate the images in many different ways, including magnification, which enhances our doctors’ diagnostic skills. Last, but not least, the system is much faster than traditional x-ray systems and thereby reduces pet stress and anxiety.

Laboratory Services

Access to timely laboratory results including complete blood counts (CBC) and chemistry panels is critical to providing quality veterinary care in a timely manner. Blood screens before surgery can detect underlying problems that could create problems with anesthesia. Sick pets can often have their problem diagnosed more quickly and treatment plans can be tailored to the individual case resulting in better care when in house laboratory is available. Please ask about all the laboratory testing TLC can offer you; both in house and via reference laboratories!

Preventative Medicine

Entire volumes have been written regarding this topic. In a nutshell, TLC believes in an integrated approach to preventative medicine that is tailored to the individual pet. Vaccine programs, regular deworming, flea and tick control, heartworm prevention, nutritional information beyond the “feed this brand of food”, dental education, ear care education, exercise recommendations and basic behavioral information are all part of TLC’s approach to this aspect of pet care…and we start talking about these things from your first visit to your last. Regular bloodwork to detect problems sooner rather than later and regular dental cleanings to remove tartar before tooth rot sets in and becomes only manageable not correctable, are just two examples of procedures we discuss to maintain the highest quality of life for our pets and their families. We also discuss breed related characteristics with each family and we encourage people interested in purchasing a new pet to call us with any questions before they buy! Many an unhappy marriage between pet and family can be avoided if people have a better understanding of the breed they are buying and whether it fits their family lifestyle/expectations!

Routine Surgeries

TLC Animal Hospital is committed to spaying and neutering companion animals as appropriate. We are also committed to providing these procedures in as safe and pain free manner as possible. We firmly believe that all surgery is uncomfortable and we offer a variety of high quality pain medications for pets. We offer spaying and neutering for dogs and cats. Please call with any questions regarding these procedures. Spaying and neutering is responsible pet ownership!

Therapy Laser Treatment


Being able to acquire real time images of various organs can supplement and enhance x-ray studies. We can biopsy various tissues without the need for invasive surgery when attempting to arrive at a diagnosis for a pet. Evaluation of pregnant pets and the viability of fetuses is also capable using ultrasound. Overall, the ultrasound has many uses and most practitioners that utilize them could never imagine not having one again!


Radiosurgery is often compared to laser surgery. While both will numb nerve endings and stop bleeding as they cut, radiosurgery offers distinct advantages. Radiosurgery causes less tissue damage than a scalpel blade or laser. Faster post-operative tissue healing with less discomfort is the result. Our radiosurgery unit can also be fine tuned to the particular surgery being performed.

Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy

Many people have at least a passing familiarity with chiropractic care for humans. Many, however, may not be aware that similar care is available for their pets! Veterinary Spinal Manipulation(VSM) can be used for many reasons including easing pain, assisting with acute injuries and giving athletic pets an edge by helping to keep their bodies tuned. For some pets, the benefits of VSM are immediate and visible. More Information...


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